Mission Statement

The Lose It to Win It Campaign's mission is to promote a healthy, active lifestyle among the residents of Prince George's County, Maryland by challenging YOU to lose 4 pounds over the next year. Sign up TODAY for free weight-loss tips, healthy recipes, and other strategies to help you lose the weight and keep it off!

The Campaign

Student interns working for the Healthy Futures program will launch a one year campaign in October to promote weight loss in Prince George’s County, which has 72% of residents in the overweight or obese category (Goal to get the county to lose 1 million pounds in 1 year – at least 250,000 people have to lost 4 lbs.). They will create a competition between zip codes (or towns, e.g., College Park vs. Greenbelt, etc), and offer incentives and rewards. They are going to use text messaging to provide educational and motivational messages about physical activity and nutrition. The project will also connect low income residents with a variety of health and wellness services. Both residents and those who work in the county ( eg.UMD employees!) will be encouraged to participate.

Who are we?

We are a group of students and faculty at the University of Maryland dedicated to promoting healthy, active lifestyles.